Barnes – Disputes and Claim Resolution

Bhargava – Settlement Impact Evaulation

Boehm – Grouting Methods for Tunneling Applications

Boyce – Shaft Portal Design

Brierley – Intelligent Tunneling Design

Budincevic – Earth Pressure Balance TBM

Colzani – Construction Management

Del Nero – Project Means and Methods

Eisold – SEM Tunneling for the Utility Market

Frew – Advances in Segmental and Final Liner Designs

Goodfellow – Risk Management

Hirner – Large Water Conveyance Tunnels

Jiang – Segmental Liner

Kofoed – TBM Tunneling Under High Water Pressures

Kramer – Contracting and Project Delivery Options

Lacerda – Innovations in Soil Conditioning

Mira-Catto – Ground Freezing

Munfah – Challenges of Large TBM Tunnels

Nicholas – TBM Choice for Ground

Ning – Tunnel Instrumentation for Settlement Control

Ozdemir – Hard Rock TBMs

Ozdemir – Slurry, Hybrid and Large TBMs

Raines – Geotechnical Risk for Underground Construction

Reda – NATM/SEM from Design to Construction

Redmond – Tunnel Cost Estimating

Restner – Drill & Blast and Roadheader Tunneling

Sherry – Design of Underground Lake Taps

Wongkaew – Future Mass Transportation Technologies

Wongkaew – Seismic Design of Tunnels

Yang – DSM for Underground Construction